General Policies

Obnoxious, rude, disruptive or otherwise unpleasant behavior is disallowed. Attendees should be mindful that Gamer Grace is a shared space for people of all ages and walks of life. Be respectful of others and watch your manner throughout the event.

Open alcohol is disallowed in public spaces at the event. Please drink responsibly and in the comfort of a private setting. Visibly intoxicated or belligerent individuals may lose their badge and thus their ability to attend the event.

Serving alcohol to minors is a crime. Hosts of room parties are expected to ID anyone served. Failure to do so will result in (at least) expulsion from the convention.

All attendees are expected to have their badges on them at all times. Staff may ask for proof of admission at any time. Resale or sharing of event badges is also prohibited. Our convention reserves the right to reject or bar any attendee for any reason.

Animals (excluding service animals) are not allowed on the convention floor. The hotel has pet-friendly rooms available for guests. Please see the hotel website for further information.

Harassment of attendees or staff is strictly prohibited. Harassing another person may result in having your badge revoked and expelled from the event.  (See Harassment Policy below for more information.)

Prop Policies

Guns & Projectile Weapons: All real firearms, even those rendered inoperable by modification, removal of firing pin, or otherwise are strictly prohibited. Any weapon capable of firing live ammunition is prohibited. Airsoft & toy guns are acceptable as long as they are not operable and have a visible orange tip.

Bows: Toy bows must be strung in such a way that they are unable to be drawn. Real bows (Composite, Hunting, etc) which may fire bolts or arrows are disallowed.

Swords, Knives, Blade Weapons: Any prop or weapon with a sharpened cutting edge is prohibited unless purchased from a dealer. Edged weapons can not be drawn in convention spaces and must be stored outside of common convention areas. Unsharpened, dull blades (with a straight, flat edge where the sharpened edge would be) are acceptable. These weapons must remain in their holster unless being used for a photo op or otherwise.

Spears & Pointy Things: Spears with blades or sharpened/pointed tips are disallowed. Spears with rounded, unsharpened tips are acceptable. Any weapon,prop, or piece of clothing that may injure someone with sharp edges or points must be dulled, covered, rounded, or removed.

Large & Oversized Props: Large props are generally acceptable. We ask our attendees to please try and keep large props within 2 feet of their own height to keep unwieldiness in check. If at any time staff deem your prop a problem, they mask ask you kindly to return the item to your room or car.

Dangerous Items: Hazardous items, such as fireworks, chemicals, and explosives are strictly prohibited.

Please do not bring fireworks into a hotel.

General Prop Policy: Plastic, Wood, and obviously fake/pretend weapons are generally acceptable. Please have your weapon checked with convention staff to ensure its acceptability.

By attending the convention you understand that the convention may take video footage and photographs throughout the convention which may be used in highlights, marketing endeavors, or other media. You consent to be filmed or photographed by staff, approved industry, or media during the entire convention without compensation to you. Your attendance constitutes a grant of rights to the convention to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, creative derivative works of, or otherwise use any video or pictures that it obtains and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including online, for broadcast, or other transmissions.

Video recording and photography may be banned at certain sanctioned events.

These rules apply to all types of attendees, including exhibitors, press, and other con goers. We may also establish additional policies covering press, exhibitors, and others.

The convention’s code of conduct and other rules are subject to change at any time, and without notice, at the discretion of the convention. Violation of the rules is grounds for immediate loss of your convention badge and suspension from the convention.

Gamer Grace is committed to providing all of our attendees a safe place to socialize, discuss, and compete. We hold a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind.

Discrimination or hate speech of any kind will not be accepted. We believe all members of the vast and diverse gaming community deserve a space free from prejudice to share their common passions. Gamer Grace reserves the right to take action against anything it deems as harassment. Some of the major forms of harassment are listed below:

Verbal Harassment
Sexual Harassment
Discrimination of all forms
Non-Consensual Photography/Touch
Hate/Hurtful Speech

Failure to comply with harassment policy is grounds for ejection from the convention, lifetime bans and/or a wide variety of other punitive measures.

Our harassment policy encompasses ALL members of the convention, including Exhibitors, Attendees, Speakers, Guests, Professionals, Press, Staff, Volunteers and Security.


Cosplayers are an important part of the convention community. Their creations and costumes add an element to any convention that they would be for less without them. Gamer Grace would like to remind everyone that Cosplay is indeed not Consent, and that inappropriate and/or non consensual photography and touch is strictly prohibited.

Regarding Exhibitors, Panelists, & Guests

At Gamer Grace, we want everyone to feel safe, including our honored guests, exhibitors, and panelists.

Disruption of panels and exhibitor booths is considered a form of harassment at the convention. Likewise, non consensual photography during panels or of exhibitor tables is strictly prohibited.

Reporting Harassment

We encourage anyone who feels harassed at any time to contact Gamer Grace staff. Our experienced team is committed to our cause and always strives to resolve any and all reported incidents. All reports, big or small, are taken seriously and will be followed until their resolution.

If at any time should someone feel physically unsafe, the convention operations room is always open to any attendee in need of help. We strongly encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed harassment occurring to directly go to convention operations to report their issue. This helps our staff ensure a swift response to any problem.


The Gamer Grace Team