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Are you ready to compete in the first-ever Gamer Grace Masquerade?   Before you sign-up make sure to read all about the competition and rules below.

Read over all the rules and details?  Awesome!  Sign-up now at:
Gamer Grace Masquerade Sign-Up

Masquerade Judges:

Meow Meow Kitty Cosplay  JZ Cosplay Photograph of Misa sitting on an outdoor porch deck in a wheelchair, dressed in goth clothing.
Meow Meow Kitty Cosplay is a local Midwest cosplayer. Starting as a self taught seamstress she had been cosplaying for 10 years, 6 of which have been competitively. She holds numerous high titles including several Best in Show and Masters Craftsmanship. Known for her giant gowns and handwork she is well versed in menswear and armor as well. She can normally be found cosplaying as her favorite Nintendo and anime characters. JZ Cosplay is a Chicago based cosplayer who can most often be found attending a majority of midwest conventions. She began cosplaying 8 years ago and has amassed a considerable amount of genre-varied costumes. Within the past few years, she has gone on to compete and win numerous masquerade awards, including winning division titles for craftsmanship and Best In Show designations. More often then not, you will find her exploring the nearest convention dressed in her newest anime or Disney cosplays. Misa on Wheels is a cosplayer based out of New England. She started cosplaying at conventions about six years ago and found her passion, as well as her most amazing experiences, through this wonderful community. She got her well-known nickname from a dear friend she met in Artist Alley at her first con: “Misa” being the female lead in the anime Death Note, who was her first and most beloved cosplay, and “on Wheels” being her primary method of travel.

Best in Show
Best Experienced Craftsmanship
Best Inexperienced Craftsmanship
Best Performance
Judge’s Choice

Judging Qualifications:
Best in Show: The entry with the best overall craftsmanship and performance.
Craftsmanship: Craftsmanship focuses on an entries construction techniques, cleanliness of construction, creativity, and difficulty of the costume
 Performance:    Performance focuses on originality, character representation, and skit clarity and delivery.

Inexperienced: An entry who has entered less than 3 contests and/or has been cosplaying less than 5 years.
Experienced: An entry who has entered at least 3 contests and/or has been cosplaying more than 5 years.
Performance: Anyone who goes on stage can qualify for performance. The award will go to whoever represents their character with the best stage presence.
Exhibition: You go on stage to show your costume. You do not qualify for craftsmanship awards but you can qualify for performance.

Craftsmanship Rules:
1)    All costumes must be at least 60% made by the contestant. If you are in a costume that was commissioned you can enter as a model, but the person who made it must be present for judging. If the person who made your costume is not present you can enter as exhibition.
2)    Purchased costumes do NOT qualify for craftsmanship but you can enter as exhibition.
3)    Groups can enter in craftsmanship but only up to 5 people. All members of the group must have contributed a significant part to the group. If only 1 person made everyone’s costume then the group will be treated as an individual.
4)    If you received help on your costume you must disclose what you had help with. You are allowed to have help on your costume but you had to have made at least 60% of your costume. If it was a group effort both parties must be present at time of judging. For example, if a parent or friend helped you hem your costume or used a table saw for your prop they don’t need to be there. If a parent or friend sewed your costume, hemmed it, and/or then they need to be there.
5)    Reference images are required. Please have a full body image of your character. The judges are good but don’t always know who your character is.
6)    Original designs are accepted for craftsmanship ONLY if reference photos are brought. Please have your original design. If you created a new outfit for an existing character please bring both your design and a full body image of the character.
7)    This is a video game convention so video game costumes are encouraged, but all costumes are accepted.
8)    This is a family event so please keep costumes PG.
9)    If you have a costume that has won a title higher then Judges Choice or Hall Contest that costume is NOT allowed in either craftsmanship categories.
10)    If your costume is make-up heavy you must have it properly sealed. Improperly sealed makeup is an issue for the venue, other cosplayers, and con goers.
11)    Props must not be more than 12 inches taller than you in your shoes.
12)    You must have made at least 60% of your prop on your own.
13)    All electronics on your costume must be self-contained. Any hookups of any kind will not be provided. There will be no chargers or extra batteries so if your costume requires any please have them pre-charged.
14)    No flashes, fire, smoke, or explosion are allowed on stage.
15)    You are allowed to have 1 handler, but please make sure you can see and move in your costume. Your costume is not allowed to be over 7ft tall.
16)    There is NO LIVE STEEL. If you have a weapon prop it needs to be fake. Nothing with sharp edges or projectiles are allowed. If your prop is a gun there needs to be an orange tip at the end. If your prop is a bow the string must be removed. All prop weapons must be approved by Con Ops before the Masquerade.
17) Audio only available for performance/skit entries. Please e-mail your files to AND bring them on an external USB drive the day of the competition. We require .wav or .mp3 files for submission.

Masquerade & Pre-Judging Times:
Times for the masquerade and pre-judging have no yet been selected.  Please, check back for updates!

Questions or Concerns:
Do you still have questions or concerns not answered here?  Please, feel free to email us at: