Gamer Grace is committed to providing all of our attendees a safe place to socialize, discuss, and compete. We hold a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind.

Discrimination or hate speech of any kind will not be accepted. We believe all members of the vast and diverse gaming community deserve a space free from prejudice to share their common passions. Gamer Grace reserves the right to take action against anything it deems as harassment. Some of the major forms of harassment are listed below:

Verbal Harassment
Sexual Harassment
Discrimination of all forms
Non-Consensual Photography/Touch
Hate/Hurtful Speech

Failure to comply with harassment policy is grounds for ejection from the convention, lifetime bans and/or a wide variety of other punitive measures.

Our harassment policy encompasses ALL members of the convention, including Exhibitors, Attendees, Speakers, Guests, Professionals, Press, Staff, Volunteers and Security.


Cosplayers are an important part of the convention community. Their creations and costumes add an element to any convention that they would be for less without them. Gamer Grace would like to remind everyone that Cosplay is indeed not Consent, and that inappropriate and/or non consensual photography and touch is strictly prohibited.

Regarding Exhibitors, Panelists, & Guests

At Gamer Grace, we want everyone to feel safe, including our honored guests, exhibitors, and panelists.

Disruption of panels and exhibitor booths is considered a form of harassment at the convention. Likewise, non consensual photography during panels or of exhibitor tables is strictly prohibited.

Reporting Harassment

We encourage anyone who feels harassed at any time to contact Gamer Grace staff. Our experienced team is committed to our cause and always strives to resolve any and all reported incidents. All reports, big or small, are taken seriously and will be followed until their resolution.

If at any time should someone feel physically unsafe, the convention operations room is always open to any attendee in need of help. We strongly encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed harassment occurring to directly go to convention operations to report their issue. This helps our staff ensure a swift response to any problem.


The Gamer Grace Team