Liam Erven

Liam Erven was born with a rare disease called Norrie which caused a complete loss of vision along with partial hearing loss. He doesn’t let that stop him from doing the things he loves. Liam has enjoyed both playing and listening to others play video games from the age of four.

He saw the need for blind people to have access to games they could enjoy which drove him to Create LWorks. A small hobbiest company dedicated to producing games for the visually impaired.

Among Liam’s accomplishments is the creation of the first ever side-scrolling platformer for the blind using only positional audio. Liam also maintains a Youtube channel at where he plays both mainstream and audio-based games.

Read about Liam in this Polygon article where he
discusses his experiences making videos on Youtube.

James Williams

James Williams is an adult with autism. He was diagnosed at the age of 3, in 1991. He graduated from Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois, in 2010. Today, he travels the United States lecturing on autism. He also hosts panels on autism at other nerd and geek-related conventions throughout the U.S., including Anime Central, PokeCon, Ohayocon, and MetroCon. Finally, he is a professional recorder player who adapts video game music, anime themes, fan melodies, and rave music for live performances.


Brie A. Crawford, Esq. focuses her practice in the areas of intellectual property and entertainment law, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.  Her practice also focuses on drafting and negotiating agreements to secure and monetize intellectual property rights, both domestically and abroad.  She frequently lectures on trademark and copyright law to lawyers and business owners.  Brie is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent lawyer.  For more information, please visit her website at


Marc Whipple, Esq. has been practicing intellectual property and technology-related law for over twenty years: he is a member of the Illinois Bar and a registered patent attorney. He likes to think of himself as an interpreter between creators, business people, and the legal system. Marc has served as General Counsel of Meyer/Glass Design, Meyer/Glass Interactive, and Incredible Technologies. He is now of counsel to Crawford Intellectual Property Law, LLC. You can find his blog, Legal Inspiration, here:


Sam Castree, III, Esq. is the Head of Entertainment Law at Crawford Intellectual Property Law in Crystal Lake, Illinois. During his career, he has assisted numerous indie game developers with their various and sundry legal needs. Sam is also a regular speaker on topics of video game law at venues from international gaming conventions to local developer meet-up groups. He has published articles on such topics as game cloning, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and’s trademark practices. When not advising clients on all of the things that they shouldn’t be doing, Sam enjoys introducing his children to games that are exponentially older than they are.


Charles Lee Mudd Jr., Esq. is the founder and principal of Mudd Law Offices. Over the last fifteen years, Mr. Mudd has developed a broad-based practice representing local, national, and international clientele in diverse litigation and transactional matters. Of particular relevance, Mr. Mudd has become internationally known on issues of intellectual property, privacy, and technology. He has taught courses on these subjects at John Marshall Law School and the University of Connecticut School of Law. Mr. Mudd is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut and Utah. He is also a member of the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw) Board of Directors and holds leadership positions in bar associations.

Mr. Mudd regularly speaks on legal matters related to video gaming, the Internet, technology, and startups. He has presented at SXSW, Minecon, and multiple bar meetings internationally. He has appeared in national media including NPR and Rolling Stone Magazine. Charles has also been consistently selected for inclusion in the Illinois edition of Super Lawyers since 2014.

Meow Meow Kitty Cosplay

Meow Meow Kitty Cosplay is a local Midwest cosplayer. Starting as a self taught seamstress she had been cosplaying for 10 years, 6 of which have been competitively. She holds numerous high titles including several Best in Show and Masters Craftsmanship. Known for her giant gowns and handwork she is well versed in menswear and armor as well. She can normally be found cosplaying as her favorite Nintendo and anime characters.

JZ Cosplay
JZ Cosplay is a Chicago based cosplayer who can most often be found attending a majority of midwest conventions. She began cosplaying 8 years ago and has amassed a considerable amount of genre-varied costumes. Within the past few years, she has gone on to compete and win numerous masquerade awards, including winning division titles for craftsmanship and Best In Show designations. More often then not, you will find her exploring the nearest convention dressed in her newest anime or Disney cosplays.
Daniel Greenberg is an adjunct professor in the Computer Game Design program at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA). His research tackles the emerging topics surrounding digital games, including their defined role as an art form, the language used to describe them, the manner in which they convey narrative, patterns for developing game literacy, codifying game appreciation, comparing games to other established forms, contributing to the preservation and curation of existing works, and using new media to both illustrate and educate on gaming topics. He has spoken on topics, ranging from transmediation of games and opera to pursuing game literacy, at various national game conventions. He is also the founder of Winterion Game Studios, based in Clifton, Virginia, and the producer of the YouTube series IONGAMING.
As the Co-Director of the Northern Illinois University Digital Convergence Lab Dr. Aline Click provides leadership and management for the lab’s initiatives. This includes personnel management, budgets, as well as maintaining expertise in technology-based learning solutions, such as learning management systems, desktop video conferencing, animation development, gaming and simulations, mobile apps, virtual environments, and social networking.Aline has been part of the NIU community since 1979. In 1998 Aline took a leadership position in eLearning Services in order to help launch online education at NIU. Her background is in electronic media, web development, and educational technology. Her goal is to provide the NIU community with access to interactive technology and training that makes NIU first choice for our students.

Aline also presents regularly at conferences such as Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, but can also be found at SLOAN-C, AECT International Convention, and the Games Learning and Society Conference attending sessions and presenting on virtual worlds and game design for STEM education.

Biography from the Northern Illinois University website.