Gamer Grace is a three day video gaming convention & exposition run by Attic Entertainment, LLC. Attic Entertainment was started in 2015 by a few college friends who had a vision to create video gaming events & content that they wanted to attend. While conventions have always been a hobby of theirs, as they grew older they yearned for events where more mature, rigorous discourse was shared along with the festivities of the convention scene.

Gamer Grace is more than a video gaming convention. It is an opportunity for voices thought the video gaming community to come together to discuss the issues that challenge gaming. We are striving to make Gamer Grace a forum for discussion on topics such as gender and race representation in video gaming, online bullying, gaming for those with mental and physical access needs, violence in gaming, how gamers are portrayed in the media, and many others. We welcome opposing viewpoints shared in a respectful manner to foster mutual understanding and work towards solutions to the challenges the video gaming community faces.